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Simon the Bear
An English Springer Spaniel and other ferocious Schoenherrs

What can you find here?

Well, we've got one Springer Spaniel who thinks he's a bear, one readhead who experiences a.m. episodes of bearlike qualities, and one bookish fellow who must have some fondness for things that growl at him and swat him in the head.  Be sure to check out the news on the sister Schoenherr, who has gone to see the bears and is now visiting the clams.

What cannot be found here?

The Pamela and Tommy Lee video.  A mint condition, still-in-the-box "Rainbow Bright" doll.  Wry, political observations.  Homemade bead necklaces.  Discount airline tickets.


And remember:  No matter what you think, my mom says I'm cool.

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